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Goal setting and creative business workshops.

Design your life and love every inch of it.  

Jessica Rice Photography

Jessica Rice Photography




Your Dream Business

Three Day conference


Confetti Conference is a gathering of women in business who are the best of the best in their industry and want to continue to take their business to the next level. At the conference we focus on Goal Setting, Building Your Business, Balance, Marketing, Social Media, and Masterminding. It's an intimate 3 day conference that has workshop style approach.

We believe that you should be working on your business while you are the conference and start adapting the things that you are learning. So when you get home you don't have an overwhelming to do list, instead you know right where to begin, what the steps are to getting there, and you have prioritized what is most important. Also our hope is that you start on these steps at while at the conference. Taking time away from their whirlwind of your life to focus on the big picture and building your own empire.

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2019

What your ticket includes:

  • Goal Setting Workshop

  • Industry Leading Speakers

  • 3 Creative Workshops

  • Networking with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

  • Mastermind Session

  • Light Breakfast and Lunch for the 3 days

  • Luxury Gifting/ SWAG

  • Lifestyle Headshot (hair and makeup also included)


***Only 15 spots available.***

We also accept payment via Venmo. If you prefer to pay this way, please let us know.*

Bring a friend special $1399

Bring a friend or another member of your team.

 This is a special discounted rate if you decide to sign up together. 

This includes 2 tickets and everything above for the both of you! 

"Everything is better when you

get to do it with a girlfriend!"

SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2019


***Only 15 spots available.***

We also accept payment via Venmo. If you prefer to pay this way, please let us know.*


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The SCoop

Get excited for an inspirational conference where you get to take time out to design your life, set personal and business goals, and make a plan to take your business to the next level. This is a three-day comprehensive experience (9am-3pm daily). There are limited spots available for this intimate + customized experience. The conference will be held in San Diego. A curated group of industry leading lady-entrepreneurs will be sharing their inspirational stories, motivating tips and industry secrets to help you set your goals and grow your brand.

THE #confetticonference GOAL

We bring together like-minded women in an intimate setting to accomplish brilliant goals, take your business to the next level, and transform your daily grind and hustle into a productive and clear vision. We believe when you invest in yourself and your team, you fuel your passion and focus. We want to build up your strengths while tackling your weaknesses, leaving you feeling empowered and inspired!